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Don’t mind if I do

I’ll take the Demon Flesh Combo….can I exchange the fries for a salad though.


Working on a sim character for 2 hours only to have the lap top to come unplugged…..


Very fucking accurate!!!!!

The Sims 2 vs. The Sims 3

Okay. I’ve had Sims 3 for a while now and I can’t seem to get into it the way I do Sims 2. But seeing all these adorable and hot Sims 3 characters that look better than Sims 2 characters (in my option) I’m forced to rethink about this “not playing Sims 3” thing I’ve been doing.

I like the look of Sims 3 but I have spent days, hours, weeks, months and years gathering CC for Sims 2 and have well over 10,000 downloads within my game.

But I’m still not that satisfied with the characters as they have tacky hair unless you can find really quality looking hair, but then you run into the problem of so many of them having the same hair and look cause I’m picky as fuck. and not to mention the ugly as hell clothes… Anyways, what I would like to know is, should I give Sims 3 a chance and where can I find really good CC that doesn’t require having all of the EPs since I only have 3 Sims 3 games atm.

Can someone please answer this?

Turning my back on Sims 2 for the moment to woohoo with Sam Winchester in Sims 3. I’m completely and utterly shallow.

Indeed it is Sammy, indeed it is….

(Check out, she has an awesome complete set of Dean, Sam and Castiel for Supernatural fans who play Sims 3.)


These are really the only two rooms decorated enough for photos (I ran out of money) :) but this is still the grunts house, interior. The first photo is the kitchen (bottom floor, right on the layout pictures) and the second is the Second floor, and it’s what I would have considered Lyla’s personal space type room. She must have had a hobby, and when she left, Buzz couldn’t bring himself to remodel it, so it sits up on the second floor, not used very often. 

(also note, I really wish I could turn on smooth edges, but I CAN’T D: ;-: )